360 No Scope! is Released!

360 No Scope is a fast pace shooter that requires skill and accuracy if you want win. Take the fun and chaos of insta-gib mode throw in the only way to get ammo is by doing a 360, plus ability to run on walls, ceilings, and change your gravity at any time and you have a fun, chaotic, challenging deathmatch experience like you have never played before, so grab your friends and find out who is the true No scope champion! Do you have the skill to win?

Check it out on Steam -> https://store.steampowered.com/app/859050/

Dungeon Shooter Build 124 Released!

Whats New

  • Steam Workshop support for maps
  • 30 New campaign maps
  • New player animations
  • Zombies have 25% chance to survive bullets
  • Everything gibs
  • Grenades and Mines explode when hitting an enemy

Other Changes/Fixes

  • Added option to disable gamepad input.
  • Use player’s Steam name for multiplayer.
  • Custom maps with uneven sizes not saving correctly.
  • Map editor loading wrong items after playing the map.
  • Misc UI changes

Dungeon Shooter 2 Steam Release!

This week we, my brother and I, have achieved a life goal of getting Dungeon Shooter 2 on to Steam! Huzzah!

Now on to what is new and what will be coming.

What’s new in the Steam release:

  • Map Editor
  • Improved User Interface
  • Other minor changes.

What’s coming in the next update for sure:

  • Full Controller Support
  • Help for the map editor

What we are looking into for future updates:

  • More player models
  • More enemies
  • Workshop Support
  • Localization
  • Achievements
  • Local CO-OP

If have more feature request let us know.

Thanks for all the support and useful feedback so far.

Dungeon Shooter 2 Update

New version of Dungeon Shooter 2 has been released.

What’s new in build 121.


  • Fancy new HUD. Clicking on a weapon will switch to it.
  • Latest news window on main menu screen.
  • Godmode option added to game settings.
  • Spawn a random monster every 30secs on random tile in the map.
  • Crosshair mouse cursor.
  • Start up config window.


  • Multiplayer enabled in demo.
  • Removed damage difficulty scale.
  • Player must have ammo with infinite ammo turned on to fire.
  • Made start/store area easier to see.


Download the new demo here:
Dungeon Shooter 2 Demo Build 121