Dungeon Shooter 2 Update

New things added since the last update.
Teleporters – Can transport players, monsters, and even weapon projectiles
Monster Portal – spawns new monsters non stop till it is destroyed.
Secondary weapon – grenade
Default mouse cursor
Team support for future game modes like, deathmatch, capture the flag, etc.
Splash damage
Explosion sound to rocket explosion
Infinite Ammo cheat
Muzzle flash to gat turret
Friendly Fire

Also a bunch of improvements to multiplayer support and may include it in a future demo.

DS 2 Update

Hey guys! We have a online playable dev build of DS 2 on at our website for all to try out. Watch as our game changes, new things are added/changed and polished. If you have every wondered what game dev is like check out our website regularly.

Play the demo at http://www.rabiddesignstudios.com/projects/dungeon-shooter-2/

What has been added since our last update.

  • 2-4-13.0
    removed all music tracks which will not be in the game
    added tommy gun, rocket launcher, and shotgun sound
    fixed player firing when mouse is over gui
    moved players audio listener so gun sounds are more centered sounding
  • 2-2-13.0
    added original Dungeon Shooter music tracks
  • 2-1-13.0
    added music manager
    added music player controls to test scene
    added possible music tracks to test scene
  • 1-31-13.1
    changed pistol sound
    added laser rifle sound
    added Gat Turret sound
    added item pickup sounds
  • 1-31-13.0
    added chest open sound
    added health pickup sound
    added key pickup sound
    added map pickup sound
    added bullet sound
  • 1-30-13.0
    added laser and napalm hit effect

Overhaul Update

Updating you guys on are overhaul progress. Here is what we have gotten done so far.
Level importing and loading
New working tile set
Monster(Rusher) and turret working
All item drops are in the game and working
The pistol and machine gun are in game
Multiplayer is working mostly 🙂

Some screen grabs of our alpha. Feedback is welcome.

Dungeon Shooter Overhaul

Thanks to all the feedback we have gotten from our steam greenlight page we are doing a major overhaul of graphics, sound and moving our game to the Unity game engine.

New features of this overhaul are:
Support for Windows, Mac and Linux
4 player CO-OP
Level Editor
New art style, which will be brighter, more colorful, and modern
MUCH better sounds
New weapons
New enemies
Improved gameplay
and more…

If you have purchased the game already you will get this major update free and when we get on steam we’ll get you a steam key.
Go buy our game and help us make this a full time job.

Here are few teaser images from the overhaul:
Shotgun Ammo

Monster 1

Map pickup

Bullet Pickup