Hit Them All

No longer in active development. Source is available on the below.

Hit Them All! is simple game of hitting people and other objects with a car to score points.


  • physics engine
  • funny sounds
  • programmer art

If you find bugs or want to make suggestions then head on over to the forums and get posting.

System Reqierments
Windows XP or better
XNA 3.1 (included in installer)
.NET 3.5
Graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 1.1

 Latest Version

Hit Them All - beta 1
Size:22.07 MB Downloads:433

Source Code

Hit Them All Source - 1
Size:32.82 MB Downloads:730

Compile Instructions
To compile the source code you will need XNA 3.1, Farseer Phyics 2.1.3 and Neoforce Contols. Links to all are under the resources page. All game assets are include in the zip file. Project file is for Visual Studio 2008 Express. If you need more help or have questions post them in the Hit Them All forum.